CEET is establishing a technical postgraduate office

CEET is establishing a technical postgraduate office

The technical postgraduate studies program at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Technology-Benghazi aims to prepare scientific cadres, high level specialized in the field of electrical and electronic engineering, so that they have the ability to understand and solve engineering problems to contributing to the development of Libya in this field.

The program of postgraduate studies in the college is not recent since the plan for establishment and preparation of the program began in the year 1999 by a specialized committee from both the College (Higher Institute of Electrical and Electronic Technology at that time) and the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department-University of Benghazi and then due to some circumstances the committee work ceased.

Currently, the postgraduate program is managed by Dr. Mohamed Almaktar and he is building on what the previous committees accomplished though the great obstacles which have been facing the program to start effectively. The initial plan is to begin the postgraduate studies in two disciplines, namely: Technical Master Program in Electrical Power Engineering and Technical Master program in Electronic Engineering and Communications, hopefully, the barriers are overcome to activate the program as soon as possible.

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